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FAQs for LCU
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FAQs for LCU

Troubleshooting for LCU


  1. Logbook Server Error/Can't connect to C2
    1. Make sure you are connected to the internet before running the LogCard Utility
    2. Your computer's firewall may be interfering.  Try turning the firewall / anti-spyware programs off, run the LogCard Utility and see if it works.  If it does, then this is the cause for the problem: Consult with the firewall software vendor for assistance in unblockign the LogCard Utility.  The LogCard Utility uses both HTTP and FTP services
  2. Cannot Vaslidate the username/passwword:
    1. Username or password might be too long (username can be only ___ characters long; the password can only be 16 characters long).
    2. Some special characters may not work.
    3. Make sure you are entering your username, not an email address in the username field.  If your username is your email address, try changing the username on the online logbook to see if this works.
  3. I have workouts to upload, but some (or all) of them are greyed out and I cannot upload them.
    1. There are many reasons why you cannot upload these workouts.  Put the mouse pointer over the workout in question and the program will tell you why it cannot.  Some reasons are:
      1. Not in the same ranking year
      2. Already uploaded (a duplicate).  Duplicates are matched between the LogCard entry and the online logbook entry by:
        1. Date of workout
        2. Time of workout (only in version 6.22 and above!)
        3. Duration of the workout in time
        4. Duration of the workout in meters
      3. Workout is in the future
  4. The LogCard Utility is asking to rewrite the card?  Should I?  What is happening?
    1. Fear not: you will NOT loose any data if you rewrite the card.  Besides, before rewriting the card, the LogCard Utility makes a backup copy of the origional card on your computer's hard disk.    Go ahead and say "Yes" to rewrite the card!
    2. The LogCard Utilty has determined that the card should be rewritten due to one of the following conditions:
      1. There are workouts out of date order (if a workout is far in the future due to the wrong date on a monitor, Concept2 suggests using the monitor to delete the workout so you do not get this message every time you read your card).
      2. There is damage to the data on the LogCard that needs repair 
    3. The LogCard Utility may ask you some questions in order to fix things properly.  Or, it may not need to ask you anything.  Please trust it to do the job properly, especially if you are using the latest version from our web site (
  5. My monitor is stuck on "Concept2 USB Flash Loader" or "Concept2 USB Flash Loader Update" and isn't doing anything else.   I was trying to update the firmware.  What now?
    1. Close the LogCard Utility and reboot your computer.  Now, run the LogCard Utiltiy.  The program will ask you "do you want to program the application?": Say YES, and let it finish the update.
    2. If the above does not work, please contact for more assistance.
  6. I was trying to update the firmware on my monitor and now it's really "dead". 
    1. Remove the USB Cable and the battery pack or top D cell battery.
    2. Hold down the DISPLAY, TOP, and BOTTOM button while inserting a battery.  The display should now show "Concept2 USB Flash Loader"
    3. Plug in the USB cable and try the update again.
    4. If this does not work, please contact for more assistance.
  7. I cannot get the red X over the PM3 (or PM4) monitor icon to go away.
    1. Make sure you are not using ANY other software for the PM3 or PM4 (like Rowpro) at the same time.   
    2. Unplug the PM3 or PM4
    3. Reboot your computer
    4. run ONLY the LogCard Utility.
    5. Plug in your PM3 or PM4 using the USB cable provided
    6. It should now work, if it does not, then...
      1. Did you hear ding-DING when you plug it in? And DING-ding when you unplug it?  If so and it's not working  please contact
      2. Can you try a USB Cable from something else, like a USB Printer to make sure the USB Cable is not broken or defective?
      3. Can you try the PM3 or PM4 monitor on another computer?
  8. I cannot get the red X over the LogCard Icon to go away (I'm using a PM3 or PM4 to read the card)
    1. Make sure the card is inserted fully and in the proper orientation
  9. I cannot get the red X over the LogCard Icon to go away (I'm using an Omnikey reader on a PC)
    1. Ensure that the driver is installed properly: See this page {Link to Omnikey support page}
  10. I cannot get the red X over the LogCard Icon to go away (I'm using an Athena reader on a PC)
    1. Connect to the internet. 
    2. Go to "Device Manager" (right click on Computer, pick Manage, then Device Manager)
    3. Find and expand the "SmartCard Readers" line (doubleclick)
    4. Right click on Athena, then select "Update Driver"
    5. Follow the instrucitons to update the driver from the internet.