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Concept2 Utility May 2015 Refr…
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Concept2 Utility May 2015 Refresh

Reasons for doing:

1. Not intuitive how to update firmware as a core function

2. Not designed for touch screens as the market shifts towards this input method

3. Not able to be supportive of visually impaired

4. New online Logbook interface


Requirements, in no particular order:

  1. Simple, clean, just works
  2. The ONLY thing that should be appearing in status line is simple "Downloading firmware (x%)".
    1. Exception: something like ALT-F11 should enable any further status lines you wish, as well as enabling any advanced (formerly -diag mode) items, hidden menus as needed, etc.
  3. Touch compliant (ie touch on Surface Pro, etc.)
  4. English should also be a .TS translation file, not just other languages.  This way English wording can be changed by Concept2 as needed. 
  5. Can images be replaced similarly if needed?
  6. Keyboard/screen reader navigation compliant, and based on .TS file or similar strings
  7. Download of firmware should work in poor internet areas (timeout based on no receipt of data in 20 seconds, not total download time)
  8. Use new Online Logbook interface
  9. If on appropriate screens and new USB device is plugged in, assume it is wanted to be used by Concept2 and offer to [cancel] or obtain a username to place on the stick.
  10. Be tolerant of user plugging in the wrong thing:  If user has nothing attached, selects to update firmware, pm5, and then plugs in a pm4: be tolerant and just get the PM4 firmware and do the right thing (ie  don't reject it).
  11. On the convert monitor page, use the following strings where appropriate.   _ marks are used to show there could be variable information here appropriate to the situation:
    1. [all conversions after finish]: "You can now disconnect the PM__ from your computer and use it on your _Indoor Rower_". 
    2. [Dragonball units]: Sorry, this monitor is too old to be converted to a SkiErg.
    3. [Dragonball units]: Please note: If the monitor loses battery power for more than 30 seconds or is Factory Reset, the monitor will return to being set for a __Model D/E__
    4. [Atmel & ST units]: Please note: if a "factory reset" is performed the monitor will return to being set for a __Model D/E__
  12. Need to consider if we should get firmware files from FTP site like current, or from SQL server or other.  China customers cannot currently download firmware!  Case 3346.  Speaking of China: what to do about locked down computers (see case 3593)