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Collecting Data from Concept2 Performance Monitors


This wiki outlines some different ways to collect data from Concept2 performance monitors

There are many ways to connect to Concept2 performance monitors:

Connection Method PM2 PM2+ PM3 PM4


PM5 v1 PM5 v2 PM5 v3
Firmware - RowErg     this pm3/4 area needs work... inquire or use code headers from other projects   30.. 168.. 204..
Firmware - SkiErg           730.. 868.. 904..
Firmware - BikeErg           no support 326.. 354..
Years ...-2003 ...-2003 2003-2014 2007-2009 2009-2014 2014-2016 2017-...2020 2020..
Serial (RS232; RJ12 socket)   X  X            
Serial (RS485; RJ45 socket)       x x x x x

USB Host (ie PC, Mac,
rPI, etc.) connects to
USB B port on
performance monitor

    x x x x x x
ANT+FE        x x x early firmware: Yes.  Newer firmware: Removed  

(However, non-controllable)

        x x x x
USB Type A connector for USB Flash Drive           x x x
Bluetooth Smart/Bluetooth Low Energy           x x x
NFC             x - only on monitors
with green & silver logo
Bluetooth - Concept2 Protocol           x- X+ X+
Bluetooth FTMS             RowErg and BikeErg firmware only RowErg and BikeErg firmware only
ANT+FE-C with diversity (for "Groups")             x x
ANT+PWR             BikeErg firmware only BikeErg firmware only
ANT+SPD/CAD             BikeErg firmware only. BikeErg firmware only.

Data connection options presented in words:

  • PM2 does not have any interface.
  • PM2+ has a RS232 serial port; information on the communications protocol is available on Concept2's web site.  eRow was the primary software used with the PM2+, though RowPro and others at one time had software.
  • PM3, PM4, PM5 all have USB connection for CSAFE communications (refer to the SDK documentation)
  • PM4, PM5 have RJ45 connectors which support RS485 (it is NOT ethernet!) added primarily used for racing, however can accept CSAFE commands (refer to the SDK).
  • PM4, PM5 has ANT+FE capability to connect to older Garmin watches with the "FIT" logo compatibility
  • PM4 with firmware > 300 has limited ANT+FE-C capability to transmit data, however may not be well maintained.
  • PM5v1 and v2 has USB Type A connector for attachment of USB "FAT" or "FAT32" formatted Flash Drive only.  Nothing else can be attached.  The PM5 will create a /Concept2 folder structure if not present.
  • PM5v1 and v2 has ANT+FE-C capability and Bluetooth Smart (Concept2 proprietary protocol).  
  • PM5v2 has above plus:
    • PM5v2 for BikeErg and RowErg have Bluetooth FTMS enabled
    • PM5v2 for BikeErg has Bluetooth Cycling Speed and Cadence and Cycling Power enabled
  • Concept2's "ANT+ For Groups" utilizes ANT+FE-C profile however also sends additional data on another channel (frequency) to avoid time-domain collisions.  When used with WASP set up for diversity, this should improve reliability in group settings.
  • PM5v3 has more memory and updated wireless features and different firmware versions and batteries may last longer.  In Beta Testing August/September 2020.

Some options for collecting data from the PM3/4/5:

Write your own software

The software development kit for Windows and MAC gives access to all data available in the PM3/4/5 via USB port.  Install the software development kit for your Windows or MAC and review the documentation to write your own software.  Example framework is given.

Other than the software development kit there are other resources available.  Please visit the "Additional Resources" page on Concept2's web site, there are a variety of examples including Arduino, QT, etc.

Venue Race Application software

With Venue Race, you will need 2 monitors  hooked up to the computer, even though you do not need to make both go; one can just sit on a table and just be connected.  Connect the monitors, set up, and start a 'race' (either time or distance).  When done, look in the My Documents/Concept2/VenueRace/Data folder and there will be stroke data files in CSV format that can easily import into Excel.  One of the columns will be stroke rate, another pace.  Pace (in seconds per 500m) can be changed via formula to velocity, watts, and an estimate of calories/hr burned.   These formulas can be found online or in our "Software development kit" documentation.  The data is collected approximately every 1/2 second; this should be sufficient to see each stroke so this will give you a nice graph of performance over time.  However, it does not give a 'stroke count' so you cannot determine the watt (or pace) output for each stroke uniquely -- since each stroke is likely to be reported in multiple records and it is also possible to have two strokes with the same pace value.

ErgRace software

ErgRace software is the replacement for Venue Racing software.   This has been completely re-written in 2018-2019.  ErgRace does NOT require 2 monitors, it can be used with a single monitor.  ErgRace by itself does not store detailed data during the race, however it can stream it to a web socket for collection elsewhere on the same computer or any computer on the same network.  For more details and sample code, please download and install ErgRace on your computer, click the (i) button for the users manual and follow the links.  

ANT+FE-C   Wireless

On the PM5, you can go to More Options,   Turn Wireless On,   Or Connect with ANT+.  At this point the monitor will start broadcasting data until the monitor is shut off.    Now this transmitted data could be collected in a number of ways.    One way is a "USB ANT Receiver" such as or  This will need some software.  You might contact or for off the shelf software that may collect and store the data.  Otherwise, there are tools from (sign up as a developer) to receive data and likely store to a file: Maybe look for "SimulANT" and also look for the ANT+FE-C profile documents.  However the data will need to be interpreted, so some work will need to be done.   Another resource for a receiver of the wireless information is; they have a ANT to Wifi bridge product and could consult to assist you.  Data through ANT+FE-C is sent about 4 times per second, but not all data is sent every time.  However, for the most part the interesting data should come sufficiently fast for most purposes.

ErgData for iOS and Android:

ErgData may be used to collect workout information in real time.  Some of the data is then stored and sent to the Concept2 Online Logbook and may be retrieved as a CSV file and possibly other formats in the future.

BoatCoach app for Android

Boatcoach is a free app in the Google Play store.  There is a small fee for the ability to export files.

Older Garmin watches

Older Garmin watches (example FR50 60 70 210 310 610 920) are able to connect to the PM4 and PM5 via ANT+FE (not to be confused with ANT+FE-C) and store data.   The watch will store data at whatever rate it decides to (typically every 2 seconds) and stores the data in .FIT file format inside the watch.  Later, this .FIT file is intended to go to your PC/MAC and then on to Garmin Connect.  However it can be intercepted and the .FIT file can be translated to a CSV file for other use.   Intervals should be avoided, there are anomalies that will show up in both time and distance at the boundaries.   Even with time/distance workouts, do not expect exact results, but rather make use of the 'graph' of the data it collected.

For newer Garmin watches, an app on the watch will be needed.  An app on the Garmin app store called "ErgIQ" may be of some assistance in sending some data to Garmin connect.     

A note on heart rate data

Any heart rate data that is received by the Performance Monitor (Polar Gymlink; ANT; Suunto; or Bluetooth Smart) will be repeated and available to any attached devices.  Further, for ANT+FE-C, if heart rate identification information (belt ID #) is available it will be forwarded.  This belt ID could be used to identify the user.

Sending and receiving data from Concept2 Online Logbook:

An API is available for exchanging data with our online logbook.  Please refer here:   To apply for an API key, please email davidh at concept2 . com with a request along with App Name, Platform, Website, Description, and Callback Endpoint.