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SDK Wiki - Home Page

Here is a Wiki for Software Developers for the PM3 and PM4 monitors.  If you wish to edit this Wiki, look in the upper right corner and click either "Login" or "Register".

This Wiki is open to public changes.  Changes are allowed so that comments and annotations can be added for the benefit of other developers.  In many cases, such as the published specification for the PM3/PM4 CSAFE interface, the original document is available from SDK download or go to, click on support, software, then Software Development Kit.

The published spec in Wiki form is here: Click Here - Feel free to annotate if you find things that need correcting, as the original document is of course still available contained within your SDK download.

Another option available to developers is a software tool called Performance Monitor Interface or PMI, written by Chris Brett.  The PMI is aimed at simplifying the task of developing applications that are capable of processing data from the PM3/PM4.  The free software and documentation is available for download here:


Concept2 is planning to add ANT wireless connection from PC's to the PM4, however this is a work in progress.  To facilitate this work we have set up the  ANT-PC Interface to be used by the key developers of this interface.  Unless you are on the development team, please do not modify these pages, but please feel free to comment in the COMMENTS section.


Please note that many common questions sent to Concept2 are answered in the "Physics Of Rowing" web page here:  

I have copied the Physics of Rowing here to ensure it is available should the source web site be ever taken down, and so that it can be edited and/or annotated as needed by users of Concept2's SDK.